Weekly MTB program
Greece is best known for its islands, its history and, more recently, the economic crisis.  This the visitor knows before going.  On arrival, the first thing you notice is that the daylight is different from anywhere else, then getting to know the people, you understand that they still have something of the ancient gods, Socrates and of course Zorba the Greek.
During this trip we will get to know them all, along with some of their friends, mythical creatures, but they get their reality through the landscape.
Day 1
Arrival in Athens
The end of Socrates' life was in a prison cell.  He was condemned because of his opinion and his teaching.  Although he was detained in prison for 30 days until his sentence was executed and had the chance to escape, he refused.  This prison lies on the hill across from the Acropolis and is the beginning of a path along the narrow paths and streets of Athens.  Within 25 km  we do a round trip to the city center.  The passage from the old market, the area called Plaka that resembles an island and the Keramikos give us a picture of how the city was once, what it is today and what has happened in the meantime.
Day 2
Just outside Athens is Mt. Parnitha.  It is an little-known paradise next to the city.  To get to the highest point of our route we will use an uplift.  Plenty of fir trees, deer, α few small shelters complete the very beautiful picture and also the quality of the paths.  The next stage of our trip is Pelion.  On our way there we will make a stop at the hot springs of Thermopylae, the famous place that Leonidas fought with the 300.  After that we will get to our destination where we will pass the next 3 days.
Day 3
In Pelion we will be staying at the well-appointed Camping Sykia, right by the sea.  From there we will start our 3rd route and we will ride mild paths and rural dirt roads that the locals use to access their farms.  In its entirety the route is through tributaries while parts of it are right next to the waves.  Pelion has the perfect combination, a beautiful mountain with many paths to explore and exquisite food.  Welcome to my home!
Day 4
On the 4th day a bus will take us up to 1200 meters altitude starting from a path through the beech trees.  After climbing up the ski slopes, we get under the shade of the trees with soft soil and a nice flow in the paths.  This path has wood structures and jumps, passes through 3 villages and ends at the Camping.  The rest of the day will be relaxing by the sea and, like every day, with good food.
Day 5
We will set off early, our destination is Mt. Olympus, the “back side” of it.  On the 5th day we will try to reach its 2nd highest peak, at 2912 meters.  Up to 2000m, we will go by car and from there we will follow the dirt road between the peaks up to 2500m and from there to the top by pushing.  The view of the peaks, the plateau that stretches in front of us, and the idea that the Greeks had placed their ancient gods there, give them another dimension in our adventure.
Day 6
On the last day we ride where Alexis Zorbas once herded cows before embarking on the adventure that made him an international symbol.  The mountains are just opposite Mt Olympus.  We cross alpine meadows, paths between fir trees and old dirt roads.  Ending our route we will start preparing the bicycles and equipment for the 7th last day of our trip.
Day 7
The end of this week will be rather emotional, not just because of the paths and cycling.  These are a part of it, but there are many more memories, such as the hospitality of the people, the food and those little moments and feelings that arise and are personal to everyone.  Our trip ends at the airport perhaps with an appointment for a next trip, in other places or once more in the same.  Whenever you visit a place in Greece, you usually want to return because nothing is fully revealed the first time!
The package includes:
- Transfers from the time of arrival to the departure from the airport.
-  Accommodation
- Snacks and one meal per day

-  Guides fees (2)


1. Λ. Δημοκρατίας 244 Αγ. Ανάργυροι
   Τηλ: 215 5456586
   Fax: 215 5456586
   Κιν: 6936168468

2. Λ. Φυλής (Χασιάς) 183 & Καλύμνου, Ιλιον
    Τηλ: 210 2629229
    Fax: 210 2929229
    Κιν: 6936168468


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